Agrozyme Pure

Agrozyme Pure

Agrozyme Pure



AGROZYME PURE Wastewater Treatment Bioreagent uses a 100% natural non-toxic formulation that clears up wastewater, lowers FOG, controls sludge and eliminates odor.

► AGROZYME PURE is a highly concentrated mixture of bioreagents designed specifically for degrading organics, ammonia and other chemicals in mixed wastewaters.

► AGROZYME PURE is formulated with an emphasis on organics, oils and other compounds which can be more difficult to degrade and pose pollution hazards. AGROZYME PURE is a product of choice for ammonia reduction.

► AGROZYME PURE is best applied with the consultation from our technical team as dosages depend on treatment systems, BOD/COD, type and concentration of organics and mixed chemicals, desired outcomes, and expectations.

  • Reduce Wastewater BOD & COD
  • Reduce Suspended Wastewater Odor
  • Lower FOG
  • Reduce Wastewater Sludge Volume
  • Reduce Wastewater Ammonia
  • Improve start up and recovery from shock loading
  • High Concentrate


► Breaks down: Organics, Oils, Grease, Ammonia, Other compounds which are difficult to degrade and pose pollution hazards

► Aerated Treatment Units

► Package Sewage Systems

► Wastewater Pre-Treatment Systems

► Large WWTPs that handle high levels of chemical components and ammonia


► CNC Plant wastewater recycling

► Industrial Kitchen

► Landfill odour removal

► Aquatic farm Amonia Removal


► Wastewater Treatment

► Make-safe Water for disposal and drainage

► Adheres to Safety Standards

► Cooling Towers, Large water bodies, moving water, rivers