Bio-Organic Fertilizer
Bio-Organic Fertilizer

Bio-Organic Fertilizer


Agrogenics Bio-Organic Fertilizer

Agrogenics Bio-Organic Fertilizer is a 100% Bio-Organic non-chemical, non-toxic formula. Our special formula uses a 3-prong approach for crops: - Cures top-soil. - Nourishes the crops. - Pesticides not required. This is a non-NPK formula that is suitable for all crops, suitable for soil, hydroponics, outdoor and indoor application.

  • Produce Higher Yield for crops
  • Treat, Enhance and Fertile land
  • Prevent crop diseases
  • Replaces and reduce the use of synthetic fertilizer
  • Improve root and soil retention
  • Release bonded K and N residue in the soil
  • Efficiently breaks down organic matter into humus
  • Reduces H+ release into soil