Animal Feed Enhancers


Agrogenics offers the highest quality bio-organic Animal Feed Enhancers. The AGROZYME FEED additive is a premium enzyme-based additive for animal feeds to enhance overall health, quality and achieving profitability. Finding suitable ways to improve feed efficiency and effectiveness is critical to profitability.

  • Promote more efficient meat production
  • Eliminates the use of anti-biotics
  • Deliver feed cost savings
  • Support a healthy digestive system
  • Protect the environment by reducing animal waste, phosphorous and nitrogen releases into the environment
  • Promotes circulatory system functions
  • 100% natural non-toxic formulation produces more dietary energy, improves protein digestibility and increases the availability of nutrients such as starch, amino acids, and fat.

Agrozyme Feed
Growth Performance, Profit and Cost Management
When feed enzymes were first used more than a decade ago, their acceptance was limited to phytase applications for reduced phosphorus excretion. Although feed enzymes have been utilized for many years, we have only scratched the surface as research on feed enzyme technology. The greater understanding of feed enzyme use comes at an ideal time as the demand for high-quality protein globally continues to rise. With advancements in management and technology, animals are in production for a relatively short time. Producers need to maximize that time efficiently in order to meet increased protein requirements, including getting the most out of the feed. Producers need to get smarter about optimizing animal production in a sustainable manner — and AGROZYME FEED offers an opportunity to do that. Agrozyme Feed can be introduced into the feeds.