Agriculture: Bio-Organic Soil Enhancer


The agricultural industry is constantly evolving towards bio-organic production.

AGROZYME HARVEST uses a 100% natural non-toxic formulation specially designed to produce a higher yield for crops through enhancing soil quality, improving land fertility and reducing dependency on synthetic fertilizers.
The Agrozyme Harvest Bio-Organic Soil Enhancer will:  Produce Higher Yield for crops  Treat, Enhance and Fertile land  Prevent crop diseases  Replaces and reduce the use of synthetic fertilizer  Improve root and soil retention  Release bonded K and N residue in the soil  Efficiently breaks down organic matter into humus  Reduces H+ release into the soil Agrogenics provides customers with advanced performance and solutions that set new standards for performance and viability. Customers can also expect timely deliveries and unmatched technical support driven by our substantial industry experience and proven expertise.