Our Technology

Key competencies and strengths, built for long term business stainability

Our mission includes significant impact by reducing the use and dependency (if not eliminating altogether) on toxic chemicals in the environment, for businesses and in the communities, we live in. Our products will help soothe the environmental and social change for the better.

"Green Solutions"

This diagram illustrates what we do and how we produce “Green Solutions”

Agrogenics Technology Cycle Chart

Agrogenics "Green Solutions" Product Series

Livestock Solutions

Agrozyme Feed Series

  • Swine
  • Poultry
  • Auqatic (Fish / Prawn)

Agricultural Solutions

Agrozyme Harvest Series

  • Bio-organic soil enhancer
  • Probiotic soil enhancer
  • Bio-organic fertilizer

Wastewater Conversion

Agrozyme Pure Series

  • Water conversion
  • Odour control
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